Petsmanual's Social Responsibility ——Light up the dream

In 2020,a remote middle school in western China, students have to study in the dark every day because the electricity facilities are very unstable and the power is often cut off, which makes the students' learning efficiency greatly reduced and many students' grades are affected as a result. In order to solve this problem, the school initiated a request for help from s society.

When Petsmanual received their request for help, we decided to donate a batch of rechargeable desk lamps to the school, which can be recharged when there is no power outage, and can be used for a week on a single charge, perfectly solving the problem of unstable power supply.

When the school received the rechargeable desk lamps, the students were very excited. They immediately started using the lamps for studying. Each student can place a lamp on their desk so they can read and do their homework in the dark. The students were able to study more efficiently and their grades began to improve.

Another benefit of these rechargeable desk lamps is that they can be used at home. Many students also do not have electricity at home and they can only study during the day. But now, they can use these desk lamps to study at night. This gives them more time to study and gives them more confidence and self-assurance.

The donation of these rechargeable desk lamps has helped the students to study a lot. The students' learning efficiency and performance have improved greatly. The school principal and teachers are also very satisfied and they know that the purchase of these desk lamps was worthwhile. They hope that the lamps will help the students study better and that they will achieve better results in the future.

Every year Petsmanual continues to make efforts for social good. We also promote green travel and encourage our employees to commute more often by bike and public transportation