Petsmanual's Social Responsibility——Earth Hour
Every year on the last Saturday of March, Earth Hour is celebrated around the world. The purpose of this event is to encourage people to turn off lights and other electrical devices during this hour to save energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and protect the global environment.

Petsmanual is also actively involved in this charity event. On this Saturday night, all the lights in the company's building were turned off and the whole building became very quiet. At this time, my colleagues and I gathered in the lobby of the company and spent this hour together.

During this hour, instead of working busily as we usually do, we gathered together and talked about environmental protection. We shared our experiences on how to save energy in our daily lives and discussed how to be more environmentally conscious in our company's operations. At this time, we felt a sense of unity and a common goal that we need to work together in order to protect the global environment.

At the end of the hour, we turned the lights back on, but with a new awareness in our minds. We realized that environmental protection is not only the responsibility of the government and environmental organizations, but everyone should be responsible for it. As a company, we should also take up our responsibility and contribute to environmental protection.

So, we started a series of environmental protection actions. We have promoted energy-saving measures within our company, such as turning off the energy-saving mode of electrical equipment such as computers, reducing the use of paper, and so on. We also actively participate in community environmental activities, such as cleaning up garbage, planting trees, etc. Through these actions, we hope to make our own contribution to environmental protection.

By participating in Earth Hour, we realized the importance of environmental protection and started a new journey. We hope that through our own efforts, we can contribute to the global environment so that our future generations can live in a better environment.